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"What I do is walk a tightrope between a beautiful suicide and softcellular integrity. I have given up on much of this terrestrial tethering as mountain mists are in deep despair and dry to dust before dreaded dawns. Harken to a heralded horizon that held me high as if holy on a hyacinth hovercraft. Fear not, for verily, although I have lost thousands of creative artifacts, (this is true) yet, does the flicker of the shadow of the mediocrity send me hither. The sheer heart attack truth is, if this god thing exists, it is a madman.   


In lucid hours, Mont Records is my personality disorder music company based in Berlin, London and sadly, Los Angeles. It has been said "Music could save the world!" However, we have instead chosen the planet HIP 13044b as our prime candidate for consideration and romantic ramblings. We are Balcony, Stiv LeStar, Steve Aungle, Seacon, Carcassette and other Euro misfits in transit. Expect miracles on a daily basis, futuristic foretelling cabaret, orchestral maneuvers in the basement, Canterbury prog rock, London town glam rock and interstellar R&B from Mont records LTD, LLC, TCB. 


Please note: All persons resembling Mont fictitious or otherwise pontificating to be modern personalities of wit or notoriety ( a grievous oxymoron) shall forthwith be punished to the maximal penalty of said bylaws and waterway passage tariffs while conducting commercial rigging, property entitlement and affixing lane tort agreements within the confines aggregated at the time ofthese legal depositions. Upon reading this notification you have agreed to an internationally bound contact to supply without arbitration ALL said financial, legal and emotional data to the entity known as Mont.



Bragging rights:

I have lost more than I can comfortably say, yet still function in a robotic semi hallucinogenic state of shell shock.. Contact me for all your business needs."



Until That Final Star Flickers Out


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